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I am located in Las Vegas, Nevada and am a Multi-Certified NRA Firearms and Reloading Instructor. I also also a Nevada CFP/CCW Instructor certified with the State of Nevada. I have been in business for over 10 years and have trained well over 5000 people including active and retired military, law enforcement, small-business owners, doctors, married couples, young folks, senior citizens, and the everyday folks like you and me.

My CCW classes exceed both Nevada or Utah’s State mandates for content and curriculum. I have an extra portion in the class entitled ‘Tactics and Techniques’ where we cover all aspects of ‘tactical actions and movements’.

In the Firearms and the Law portion, we go through the Five Essential Rules of Concealed Carry (really the first five commandments), the Force Continuum and the Color Code of Mental Awareness. For civilians, Situation and Situational Awareness are important and we go through no less than nine Force / No-Force – Shoot / No-Shoot videos where key concepts are learned like cover and concealment, the element of surprise, Stand Your Ground and The Castle Doctrine.

Folks that have gone through my class always have always commented on the, what I include, how I instruct and my vast knowledge. I DO NOT have a ‘drill Sergeant’ attitude and reinforce good learning with a positive experience and the CORRECT information!

One man who took my class and has been carrying for over 30 years said it best, “Not so much the curriculum or material (I’ve seen it all), but the instructing by Mr. Rick Cross is second to none!”

I myself try to attend at least two professional training courses per year. I’m a member at Frontsight Firearms Training Institute and have taken many classes from them. They are an excellent organization. I’ve also had the pleasure of attending other professional training organizations like Suarez International.

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