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Nevada Update & Rec Marijuana – Oct 2017

We are still learning about federal, state and local laws in regards to Cannabis, Firearms, and CCW. Look for this to develop rapidly.

Changes to Nevada Law
Effective Immediately (as of June) Nevada will now issue CCW permits to active duty and honorably discharged military veterans who are 18 to 20 years old! More and more states are starting to do the same for while keeping the age for Non-Military applicants at 21.
Nevada now accepts Oregon’s permit but not the other way around. Hopefully that will change; it would add an additional state to our permit!
Nevada’s permit is now good in 31 states besides Nevada! That’s the most I’ve ever seen in our state and as handgunlaw.us notes, “this is the first time Nevada has added a state and not removed one”.

Nevada has changed the way they handle reciprocity by taking law enforcement out of the decision process on reciprocity. This may further increase the number of states that honor Nevada’s permit.

Recreational Marijuana and Your Permit

A fair number of people have contacted me about this issue.
Metro has not addressed this with us instructors but you all know me, I reached out to our contact at the bureau.
This is not in state law but here is what I was told:

Metro does not issue guidelines. They simply obey and enforce the laws as mandated by NRS and Federal Law.
Marijuana is illegal under Federal Law and any use means no firearms for one year (18 USC 922 g 3), their rule, not ours. We will enforce that rule.

If an officer notes marijuana even in “legal” limits, on a traffic stop for example, they will deny / revoke your CCW permit for 1 year. If the permit holder has a firearm and drugs at the same time, officers will also confiscate any firearms and potentially charge the permit holder with “a prohibited person in possession of a firearm”.
Federal Law trumps state law on this issue. So while LVMPD will not be arresting for NRS allowed amounts of marijuana, the State cannot and does not have the discretion when it comes to firearms and federal laws.

Just like getting behind the wheel or being in control of a firearm while intoxicated, it’s simply a bad idea! I know for DUI’s, Metro will revoke your permit for 5 years and I’ll bet that would be the same if you are caught with marijuana.

Until next time –
Train Safe, Train Often and Carry Always!
It’s not only our responsibility, BUT OUR DUTY to be confident, competent, and proficient.

Rick Cross
Be Safe Firearms Instruction
Las Vegas, Nevada.
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