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Nevada Update – Jan 2018

Hello Everyone and FINALLY I’m putting up my next post.

This is my first post since the Route 91 massacre and I’m sure many of you like me are still in shock. I’ve lived here for 40 years, Las Vegas has been good to me and now when I hear anything on the news about the incident, it still brings up sad and bad emotions. Lots of folks including many public safety professionals I know have said for a long time Las Vegas was (is) a primary target for terrorism, and I agreed. In the movie ‘Act of Valor’ (based on a true story), terrorist picked several targets of ‘high value’ and Las Vegas was one of them. The higher the body count, the higher the value.

In speaking with many of my students, all agreed there wasn’t much you could have done even if you were armed. Cover and police response was the only thing that could help. One thing we can learn from this is ‘bullet resistant’ protective products can protect you.
You can do a simple search on the internet for ‘bullet proof vests’ and you’ll get a lots of hits. There are also links to the same on the backside of the title page of your booklets.

Don’t be shocked when you see the prices. My vest was new police surplus, used once or twice and cost over $350 dollars.
Items also offered are for children including backpacks, panels to insert in bags, packs, etc. You wouldn’t believe what they have for everyone!

One of the biggest problems in this country in regard to many active shooter incidents is mental illness.
Did you hear of the man at a movie theater in Town Square (12/28), here in Las Vegas who threatened to shoot movie goers?

It was during the premiere showing of the movie, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and certainly echo’s the very same scenario in Colorado where a deranged gunman killed 12 people and injured over 70. The man was yelling and cussing during the film and when a woman politely asked him to be quiet; he looked at her and said he would shoot her in the face if she kept looking at him. He was arrested OUTSIDE the movie theater. He has a history of mental illness.

Amazingly, I heard of a story of a man in India with mental illness who ate 223 coins and 100 nails!
When care givers weren’t looking, the man ate the objects and only through a punctured and bleeding stomach did they find out about them.

Properly treated, mental health issues like most medical conditions, can be treated depending upon the circumstances.
The gunman here in Las Vegas never produced a gun and if I had been there, no doubt I would have drawn my weapon then what happens next is up to the perp.

Remember the term GYGO from class?
Also, because we are in a SYG – Stand Your Ground state, you DO NOT have a duty to retreat from threatened force in a place where you are;

  • Legally at
  • Not the initial aggressor
  • Not breaking the law
  • Have a reasonable belief your safety is in jeopardy

CCW Applications Nationwide drop by nearly 50%
Knew this was going to happen when Donald Trump made office. Permits nationwide have dropped by nearly 50% since folks are not worried about their rights being taken away.
Nice thing is it might make the wait time to get your permit that much faster with not so many people applying.

National Concealed Carry Permit
This is NOT YET LAW. The bill has passed the House and now heads to the Senate.
If it passes there, it WILL become law since President Trump has stated he will sign the bill if it gets to his desk. Many have said it won’t pass the Senate, I’ll keep you updated.

Here is the link to the bill:
From all of the alerts I get on everything CCW, self-defense, etc., I’m seeing a lot of senators nationwide who are already talking like the bill will become law!

Pennsylvania resident Shaneen Allen, who was pardoned by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie after she was arrested in New Jersey for having a concealed handgun and deadly
ammunition (Hollow-points), is a spokesperson driving the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 known as HR38!

Starting my 9th Year!
10 years ago I could not have imagined becoming a CCW instructor. The friend who encouraged me to start not only did my students a favor, but me as well.
My knowledge has grown exponentially because of my student base and interactions with law enforcement.

If I were to make a list of people (I’ve trained over 3000) and professions that have gone through my class, it would be tens of pages long and have included young people, senior citizens, men, women (now 40% of my classes), active and former military, law enforcement including federal officers, Air Marshalls, FAA personnel and everday business owners, etc., and the list grows. What I’ve learned from my students is irreplaceable.

Fee’s Increase
Gotta make sure I can keep this business running especially since I’ll be retiring within a couple of years.
People have told me for years I charge too little for the classes for what I give in time and material.

Nevada & Utah CCW fees will now be $100 dollars per person.
Renewals are $80 dollars.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Rick Cross
Be Safe Firearms Instruction
Nevada & Utah Certified CFP Instructor – 9th Year
Certified Sabre Civilian Defense Spray Instructor
NRA Lifetime Member #082605371
NRA Certified Pistol and Personal Protection Instructor
NRA Certified Rifle and Shotgun Instructor
NRA Certified Reloading Instructor
Front Sight Lifetime Guardian Member
Affiliated Instructor Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network
Affiliated Instructor Armed Response & Taser Intl.
Las Vegas, Nevada.
Mobile: (702) 275-1625

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