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Class Documents

I have three documents to familiarize anyone wishing to take my class.

Many instructors would keep this information confidential and for a long time, I did. But for simplicity (Simple Is Good), I decided to finally post the docs on my website so everyone can get to them plus I don’t have to worry about email programs blocking my emails due to them having attachments.

If you’ve been through a CCW class and/or are very experienced, you might only want to review the Orientation Document.
This will give you information on the what to bring to class, the written exam and the live fire qualification.

CCW Course Curriculum

The first document is the CCW Course Curriculum which lists everything we’ll learn in class.
My CCW Curriculum EXCEEDS State Mandate for content and information.
Not only do I cover state law which is mandated, I also briefly cover;

  • Local law including Clark County, City of Las Vegas and Henderson.
  • Federal law, U.S. Title Code 18 as related to firearms and concealed carry. 
  • How to interact with police officers.
  • What to do not only do after an incident, but before it as well.

Class Orientation

The Orientation Document has information on everything to prepare for the class including the address (with map) of my commercial office.

It has information on the written exam and live fire qualification including how many rounds to bring (bring a box of 50) and any additional items and how to dress for range shooting.

What to Expect in Class
The last document is What to Expect in Class. This includes what you’ll see in class.

I have LOTS of items including gun safety, lock boxes, quick access safes, many holsters for both men and women and an extensive laserlyte laser-based dry practice system and so much more.


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