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Course Curriculum

What’s included in the price of the class –

  • Certification for a Nevada CCW Permit.
  • A Personal Certificate of Completion suitable for framing.
  • A booklet with everything covered in class (and some stuff that isn’t).
  • A 2-pocket folder (loaded) to hold your most important papers with reference documents on the CCW class and effective shooting.
  • A CD loaded with lots of info (over 700MB) on handguns and concealed carry. Information to help protect yourself and avoid home invasions, robberies, car jacking’s, road rage, and much more.
  • Three Laminated Wallet Cards (created & verified by me) on Gun Safety / Four Universal Rules +1, Nevada Reciprocity / Permitless Carry, and Prohibited Places of Carry in Nevada and Federal locations.

Below is just a sample, there is way too much to list. If you have a specific question, let me know my email or phone.

CCW Module #1 – Gun Safety
The Primary NRA Rules of Gun Safety, the Four (Defensive) Universal Rules of Gun Safety, Gun owners responsibility, storage of firearms, best safety rules for handguns, danger of complacency, gun safes and Locks.

CCW Module #2 – Handgun Familiarization
Common types of Revolvers and Semi-Automatic handguns, full-size, compact, and sub-compact carry guns. What gun is best for a ‘house gun’. Why gun cleaning is important. Field-stripping your handgun. Semi-Automatic handgun magazines and how/when clean them. Proper information on magazines and clips. Clearing semi-automatic handguns, De-cocking semi-automatic handguns & revolvers, Comparison of semi-automatic handguns & revolvers, parts for firearms.

CCW Module #3 – Ammunition & Handgun Shooting Fundamentals
Cartridge identification and components, +P ammunition, storage & age of ammunition, defensive ammunition, shooting positions, the five fundamentals of handgun shooting. The Five lost secrets to Combat Handgun Shooting. Target & Defensive Shooting Stances. Proper sight-alignment/sight-picture techniques, proper grip, Semi-automatic handgun malfunctions, Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 (Mother of all failures) and how to clear them. Trigger control, the “Peanut Butter Drill”, The balance of speed, accuracy and power during a gunfight.

CCW Module #4 – Firearms & the Law and Deadly Force
This module features no less than eight ‘Force / No-Force’ and ‘Shoot / No-Shoot Videos’ where we learn specific points in reference to self-defense and using a concealed handgun, like, “We don’t shoot someone over property”.

The Five Essential Rules of Concealed Carry (First Five ‘Commandments’) , When to use deadly force, The Force Continuum, Less lethal tools, The Four Elements of an Attack (AOJ), Stand Your Ground and Castile Doctrine in Nevada, Nevada State Law, Las Vegas City Law and Federal Law. Extensive section on NRS 202.3673 – Prohibitive Locations of Carry, Interacting with Police and how to handle a traffic stop, what to do after an Incident, open carry in Clark County, much, much more!

Tactics & Techniques
Dry Practice with Snap Caps for realistic malfunction practice in class. I have an extensive Laserlyte laser-based cartridge/targeting system where we practice in class before going to the range! The Color Code of Mental Awareness / SA or Situational Awareness, the Principle of Tactics, the X’s and O’s technique for awareness! Care, Control, and Custody of a defensive handgun, GYGO, (GET YOU GUN OUT!) and more!

Rick Cross
Be Safe CCW
Las Vegas, NV.
Mobile: 702-275-1625

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