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Dry Practice or ‘Dry Fire’

Dry Fire, also know as Dry Practice, is the practicing of movements and techniques needed to get your self-defensive weapon out to save your life. It is also know as ‘Muscle Memory’.

It is practicing of necessary skills to make getting your handgun out very efficient without hanging up on anything.
When practicing, ‘Slow is Smooth, but Smooth is Fast!’

Safety is our #1 concern with Dry Practice.
The best way to safely dry practice is to have a dry practice area with no ammunition present in the room.

You also need to have a safe direction target in case you have an ND – Negligent Discharge.
There are very specific rules to follow before, during and after dry practicing and they are all mentioned in my class and is included in the student manual.

Dry practice allows defensive shooters to develop their skills at home and at absolutely at no cost.
Dry practice is frequently more valuable than what is gained by live fire because it allows you to perform both the ancillary motions and physical actions of shooting without the distraction of the gun firing.

When you are learning a complex psycho-motor skill, repetition is necessary to learn that skill.
As you practice more and more and more, the body becomes more and more and more familiar with your movements and it becomes easier to do the skill.
This is commonly referred to as “Muscle Memory.”

In my class, you will learn dry practice skills which WILL make you a better shooter. I also have a laser-based dry practice system with laser activated targets and laser handgun cartridges where we practice in class before heading to the range!

A recommended ratio between dry practice and live fire is anywhere between 5:1 to 10:1 – Between 5 and 10 dry practice sessions for every live fire session I dry practice nightly. Just a few minutes a day which adds up over time and gives me hundreds of hours of practice.

When I had shoulder and bicep surgery and before I was allowed to live fire, I started dry practicing slowly and picked up right where I left off.

When I started live firing in Feb 2018, I NEVER lost my accuracy skills. I put a Shoot-N-C dot on a B-27 target at 10 feet and with my carry .45 shooting Gold Dot hollow-points, I took the dot out within 5 rounds. THAT’S what Dry Practice can do for you!

You will get this and much more information on Dry Practice in my class!


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