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There are many, many different types of holsters. An example of but not complete list –

  • Outside the waistband (OWB)
  • Inside the waistband (IWB)
  • Appendix Carry
  • Below waistband
  • Shoulder holsters
  • Belly band holster
  • Smart Carry holsters
  • Pocket holsters
  • Small of back holsters
  • Groin holsters
  • Thigh holsters Ankle (aka “boot”) holsters
  • Chest holsters
  • Pancake holsters
  • Cross-draw belt holsters
  • Bra holsters
  • Velcro holsters

Holsters are made of many different materials including –

  • Kydex (reinforce composite ‘plastic’)
  • Leather Cloth
  • Ballistic Nylon












Off-body CCW items you’ll see in my class –

  • A Concealed Carry Purse (I have several) with a specific pocket for CCW.
  • An Everyday Carry Bag with a specific pocket for CCW Fanny Pack
  • Day Planner ‘hiding in plain site’ CCW and many more.

There are vehicle only holsters and gun mounts for both home and auto.
There are ‘hiding in plain sight’ safes & containers (I have many of these in class).

Learn what holster is the most comfortable and the more comfortable a holster is, the more likely you’ll carry your concealed handgun!

Learn why an ‘open-top’ holster is so important and how other holsters can only spell danger.
I’ll have these holsters and more in class!


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