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Welcome to Be Safe Firearms Instruction in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I am a Multi-Certified NRA and CCW Instructor Certified with both the State of Nevada and the State of Utah.
I have trained over 3000 people over the last 9 years.

My Concealed Carry Classes exceed State Mandates for Content and Cirriculum.
My Tactics and Training portion shows what to do to keep you safe during administrative gun handling or defensive maneuvers when you are in a fight for your life!
I’ll show you the Care, Control and Custody of a defensive handgun including how to lock to slide back with ease (most people don’t know how to do this correctly).

In the Firearms and the Law portion, we go through the Five Essential Rules of Concealed Carry (really commandments), the Force Continuum and the Color Code of Mental Awareness. We also go through no less than nine ‘shoot / no-shoot’ videos where I stop the video and YOU make the call!

I’ve trained over 3000 people including active and retired military, law enforcement, small-business owners, doctors, young folks, senior citizens, and the everyday person like you and me.

I’m a member of Frontsight Firearms Training Institute and have taken classes with Suarez International.

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