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Revolvers are some of the most reliable and most accurate handguns to shoot!
I own several revolvers and carry a Smith & Wesson 642 Air-weight as a backup gun.

Some of the biggest advantages of revolvers –

  • They don’t suffer the major malfunctions that semi-automatics can.
  • If the gun doesn’t fire, keep pressing the trigger, it will!
  • The revolver is simple, ANY two handed grip including placing your support thumb back behind the handgun while shooting is OK.
  • Revolvers are not sensitive to different types of ammunition. What won’t feed in a semi-automatic works just fine in a revolver.
  • Revolvers can be much more accurate. They have a barrel that doesn’t move when you shoot it.

Limitations of Revolvers

  • Revolvers can be bulky
  • Less ammunition capacity.
  • They have one very specific safety rule that if not followed during a life threatening incident, will HANG you in court!
  • They have very specific procedures to follow for a quick and efficient reload during a gunfight!

From a Defensive Standpoint

  • A revolver laying on a flat surface can be easier to pick up than a semi-automatic. Depends upon the person.
  • Revolvers can be pressed up against the body of an assailant and fired continuously. You can’t do that with semi-automatics, they will go out-of-battery and not fire.
  • Revolvers can be fired while inside clothing, your coat, an EDC, etc. There is the good possibility you might set your clothes on fire but if my life were at stake, that’s really the least of my worries.

Revolvers fire some of the most powerful loads for just about any handgun, but of course we do have the .50 AE Desert Eagle in a semi-automatic handgun. When it comes to the .357 Magnum, the .454 Casull and the Smith & Wesson .500, the revolver is king!
They even have a .600 Nitro Express handgun… Whoa…

Now we do have the .357 Sig cartridge for semi-automatic’s of which I own one, or at least I have the barrel conversion kit for it. It is so much fun to shoot and has a very powerful recoil. I’ve shot hundreds of different handguns and for those handguns that challenge me, I only want to shoot more of them.

Last summer, a generous gentleman in my CCW class owned a vintage Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum with an 8 3/8″ barrel and he brought it to the range. He still had it in the original wooden box and He had never shot it. I told Ed, “You really shouldn’t shoot the handgun since it’s a collectors item.” He told me. . . “You only live once!” He let me shoot the gun first.

I put four six-round loads through the handgun (I have a great video of it) and on the last load, I put two Shoot-N-C dots (size of a dime) on a B-27 target and took both of the dots out at 15 feet. I told Ed, “I was grinning the whole way home!”. 🙂 Thanks Ed!

BUG’s – BackUp Guns
Today’s small, powerful revolvers are an excellent choice as a BUG – BackUp Gun.
They easily fit inside a pocket or ankle holster and are easily concealed.

Many law enforcement officers and security professionals always carry a backup gun. Many also carry a secondary gun. There is a difference.

If you are having to draw your BUG, something has gone very wrong and you may even be injured when you start to draw it. A revolver doesn’t have a slide to get in the way of using it and just about any way you can hold it, twist it, turn it, and flip it, the revolver will work.

Rick Cross
Be Safe Firearms Instruction
Phone: 702-275-1625

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