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I am a Multi-Disciplined NRA Certified Instructor in Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns and Personal Protection. I’m also an NRA Reloading Instructor and have been reloading for years.

I offer Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Firearms Training and of course, I’m a Certified State of Nevada Concealed Carry Instructor as listed in Metro’s Certified Instructor list.

I have been instructing for over 12 years and this work is a passion. I make almost no money at this and I eat, drink, and sleep this stuff every minute of every day and it applies to me first!

This is the only area I concentrate on in the firearms arena, CCW with Self-Defense. Whether your brand new to firearms or have been carrying for decades, you will learn things in my class you’ve not heard of before. I stay current in this industry and attend professional training schools at least once per year. I stay on top of current events and offer blogs with monthly updates.

I have trained well over 5,000 folks from all professions in life including current and former law enforcement, fire, military, doctors, lawyers, VIP’s, small business owners, teachers, office workers, seniors and some who’ve already been through a deadly defensive incident.

I myself went through an attempted robbery at 4:30am in the morning at a self-service gas station and using what I teach…by the time the perps acted, I was 15 feet away, near cover and open carrying a .45 caliber handgun…problem solved!

I retired from a position in Govt. / IT-Public Safety and can now concentrate on this passion of mine. A friend and highly respected fellow instructor once told me I was a ‘high-standard’ instructor due what I show in class and more importantly, my teaching abilities. I had an 87-year old Vietnam Veteran tell me
my explanation of a negligent discharge was the ‘best he had ever heard.

Things have changed dramatically during this Pandemic and over the last two years I’ve only done classes for small groups and individuals since many meeting rooms were shut down. Before the Pandemic, I scheduled regular group classes monthly and I don’t see that returning any time soon. Our world has changed and I don’t schedule group classes any longer, but I’ll gladly do a group class if you would like. Please contact me at the info below for all the details.

I offer classes to everyone, including new shooters, BUT, I don’t train just anyone and you must have good morals to attend my class. I do have a ‘student policy’ you must agree to and a phone interview is required of everyone. Deposits are required to hold a class.

Text or call me at 702-275-1625 for any and all questions. My email is: rickcross@besafefirearms.com

Please feel free to check out the documents on my site, I include some excellent information and all of it is from my own research.

Rick Cross
Be Safe CCW
Nevada Certified CFP Instructor
Sabre Personal Safety Academy Defense Spray Instructor
NRA Lifetime Member #082605371
NRA Certified Pistol and Personal Protection Instructor
NRA Certified Rifle and Shotgun Instructor
NRA Certified Reloading Instructor
Front Sight Lifetime Guardian Member
Affiliated Instructor Armed Response
Las Vegas, Nevada.
Mobile: (702) 275-1625


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