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I am located in Las Vegas, Nevada and am a Multi-Certified
NRA Firearms and Reloading Instructor, and a State of N
CFP / CCW Certified Instructor as listed in Metro’s instructor list.

I have been in business for over 10 years and have trained well over 5000 people including active and retired military, law enforcement, small-business owners, doctors, married couples, young folks, senior citizens, and the everyday folks like you and me. In 2018 I retired from a government position in Henderson where I worked in IT/Public Safety.

My CCW class exceeds Nevada mandate for content and curriculum and I up the ante with an extra portion, ‘Tactics and Techniques’ where we cover all aspects of ‘tactical actions, movements, behavior’s, best practices, etc. We cover the principle of tactics, how to interact with police officers, and what to do after an incident.

Folks that have gone through my class always have always commented on the material I include, what I display in class, and my teaching abilities. I DO NOT have a drill sergeant attitude and reinforce good learning habits with positive experiences and the RIGHT information!

Range training in my class is extensive. We go through the five lost secrets of combat handgun shooting, shooting and challenge stances, and live action malfunction clearances. We use the peanut butter drill to ingrain good shooting habits, and use training aids to reinforce what we learn.

One student whose been carrying for over 30 years said this after attending my class,
“Not so much the curriculum or material (I’ve seen it all), but the instructing by Mr. Rick Cross is second to none!”

Besides my own training and reloading, CCW and self-defense is all I do. I try to attend at least two professional training courses per year and I always attend the Shot show here in Las Vegas.

I’m a member of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute where I’ve taken many classes. They are an excellent organization and I give away one Front Sight membership in every group class!

Rick Cross
Be Safe CCW
Nevada Certified CFP Instructor
Sabre Personal Safety Academy Defense Spray Instructor
NRA Lifetime Member #082605371
NRA Certified Pistol and Personal Protection Instructor
NRA Certified Rifle and Shotgun Instructor
NRA Certified Reloading Instructor
Front Sight Lifetime Guardian Member
Affiliated Instructor Armed Response
Las Vegas, Nevada.
Mobile: (702) 275-1625


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