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Concealed Carry Advice

Never take your safety for granted
You and yours will constantly be in the presence of a loaded, lethal weapon. Kind of like driving a car.

Familiarity absolutely breeds contempt. Never lower your guard or your level of care.

Live in a state of relaxed awareness
Situational Awareness – It’s called Condition Yellow. At any given moment, you know what’s going on around you, who’s near you, and where you are. Not only do you notice possible problems, you see the good, life-affirming things around you that you were missing before.

Stay current with the topic
Take classes, read books on concealed carry and read the periodicals . There are more good firearms/self-defense training programs available today than ever.

We’re talking about skills that degrade easily if not refreshed.

Commit to always carrying
If we knew when we were going to need a gun, we’d change our plans and go somewhere safer. Danger comes from out of nowhere and doesn’t limit itself to “bad areas.” Mass murders take place at good schools, upscale malls, and family restaurants in nice neighborhoods. The only way to make sure the gun will always be there when you need it is to always carry it.

Be prepared, in your heart and mind, to use deadly force if necessary.
It’s a long search of the soul, but a critically important one. If you don’t know for certain that you can kill a violent attacker if you have to, you’re likely to hesitate at the worst possible time, and he’ll kill you and yours instead. If you haven’t sorted it out beforehand, the fight will happen too fast for you to come to terms with the cosmic act of ending another human life.

Fight to keep your rights and privileges
There are those in this society who work in a tireless, well-funded concerted effort to deprive you and your children of the right to self-protection. The great authority on the common law, Lord Blackstone, said “Self-defense is the highest of all human rights.” Work hard to keep it, because powerful forces don’t want you and your descendants to have it.

Maintain a logical perspective
You may never have to use a weapon in self-defense of you or your family, but your commitment to concealed carry will have bought you a lifetime of peace of mind, and there’s no dollar price to put on something that precious.

Know the laws governing concealed carry where you are at any given time, and follow them religiously.
“Gun Crimes” committed by those licensed to carry are extremely rare, but of those that occur, a huge percentage involve people who simply “forgot they were armed” when they entered an area where the practice was legally forbidden.

Concealed mean concealed
Our society is such that, like it or not the presence of an obviously lethal weapon in the hands of someone not readily identifiable as an ”official protector” frightens people. Someday, you’ll buy a newspaper or a candy bar from a convenience store clerk who was once terrorized by an armed robber who menacingly drew his coat back to reveal a weapon. If you accidentally do the same, can you blame them for their predictable reaction? The results won’t be good for either of you.

Keep it quiet
The fewer people who know you carry a gun, the better. You don’t want to be caught up in the middle of an armed robbery where the multiple offenders with drawn guns hold all the cards, and have a terrified victim look at you and scream, “My God, you’ve got a gun, do something!” Also, the potential for false accusations is endless when someone who doesn’t like you knows you carry a gun and tells the police you displayed or pointed a gun at them!

Avoid trouble more than ever
Under the “higher standard of care” principle, the armed private citizen is seen as having a particular duty to avoid conflict – shouting matches, upraised middle fingers, curses and it’s expected for you to de-escalate the situation rather than “keep the ball rolling”.

Gain familiarity and competence with your weapon and carry system
A life or death situation is no time for fumbling. Practice with empty or dummy guns to gain smooth speed of draw from concealment. Train and practice as frequently as you can, to make the mechanics of drawing (and if necessary firing) as much second nature as possible.

Prepare for the totality of the circumstances
Make sure that those most likely to be with you if an armed encounter takes place know what to do. Always have a plan in case you have to remove your weapon and secure it, which can arise from anything from an unexpected trip to the courthouse for routine paperwork, to an auto accident in which you had to be transported to a hospital by ambulance.

Be vigilant about gun safety
Familiarity breeds contempt
. Put layer and layer of safety into your daily handling and carrying practices. Remember Jeff Cooper’s four universal gun safety rules.

Remember that the responsibility to keep your weapon out of incompetent and/or unauthorized hands falls solely open you.

Remember why you carry
The gun is there to protect your loved ones and to keep you alive to return to them. Just as its presence is a constant reminder of your responsibilities, let the presence of that deadly weapon also be a constant reminder of the importance of the loved ones in your life.

Advice from other concealed carry holders

 Don’t carry a concealed handgun unless you are committed to the following:

  • Learning about guns, self-defense and the law.
  • Frequent range practice, using your everyday carry gear, shooting at realistic, self-defense targets that closely depict the human silhouette.
  • Taking reasonable precautions to avoid putting yourself and your loved ones in a situation where you may have to use your gun.

Think about the impacts on your life
Where and how you travel, recreation, clothes, work rules, societal rules, friends and family, expenses, purpose of concealed carry, practice time, safety and storage.

All these things will come into play and you should think very carefully about all of them.


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