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July 2022 – Murder Across America

If they’re were any a time in history where you need to carry a gun for self-defense, THIS IS IT!

Since the start of the Pandemic, murders across the U.S. have skyrocketed and police simply can’t keep up. It really is, YOYO – You are Own Your Own. A term the City of Las Vegas wanted us to remember in case of a catastrophic emergency in our area. “If it’s not life-threatening, then YOYO”. This was from an emergency preparedness seminar my Wife and I attended in 1985!

Besides the active shooter incidents that just keep happening and ‘spree’ murders and some that have no rhyme or reason, the murders that are especially disturbing are the ‘Neighbor on Neighbor’ killings and we’ve had at least two in Las Vegas.

Neighbors that have had feuds over the years (but don’t now), or just because one doesn’t like the other, walk over to their house with a handgun and shoot and kill them. Sometimes it’s both the husband and wife like the one we had in Las Vegas. A woman who didn’t like the couple next door, walked into their mobile home and shot them both to death. They were in their 60’s and retired. She then walked to the trailer parks clubhouse, sat down with a drink and lit a cigarette, waiting for cops. They came, she’s gone.

That couple was probably enjoying their retirement together and might have even had some grand-kids they were happy about when all of that was stolen by the very heart of evil. This kind of evil should be stopped in it’s tracks! When stopped in it’s tracks, it can’t go on to harm someone else!

A demented person like this will face a fierce wrath if they were to try this with me! I even had an incident with my next door neighbor and don’t think I didn’t keep that in mind. I was always armed and always aware.

7-11 Robberies / Killings

WTF!!!? On 7-11 day, when you can go into a 7-Eleven and get a free slurpee, a murderer decided it was a good day to see what he could get and to kill anyone who got in his way.

He robbed six 7-Elevens killed 2 people and shot 4 others. In most of the cases, he didn’t take any money from the 7-Eleven or maybe took a few items from the shelf. He was there to kill people and knowing that Californian’s can’t carry concealed weapons, it’s open season for him.

At one 7-Eleven, he did rob the clerk and while standing with gun in hand pointed at the clerk, he all of sudden turned to a customer standing nearby and shot him in the chest. He died at the scene. I’ll say one thing this perp has taught me, I won’t hesitate to shoot any criminal who pulls a gun to do some evil deed. I’ll shoot him right now, and as many times between the naval and neck to get him to fall down. I’ll give him the FIBS treatment…..”Fuck! I’ve Been Shot!”

Murder / Suicides

We had another one just yesterday here in Las Vegas. A Murder / Suicide between a Mother and her Son. They didn’t report their ages but my God!? Are they at such an end that this is their only relief? January 30th and May 11th we saw the same. Between married couples we just recently saw March 23rd, and June 13th.

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