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When Citizens Fight Back – Are We Training Wrong??

I subscribe to many industry periodicals and recently came across an article entitled “When Citizens Fight Back – Are We Training Wrong?” It’s about a well-known instructor and training school and what he’s seen over 25 years and thousands of students. 64 of his students (those who mentioned being in an incident) have been involved […]

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Concealed Carry Advice

Never take your safety for granted You and yours will constantly be in the presence of a loaded, lethal weapon. Kind of like driving a car. Familiarity absolutely breeds contempt. Never lower your guard or your level of care. Live in a state of relaxed awareness Situational Awareness – It’s called Condition Yellow. At any […]

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10 Great CCW Guns


  This is from an article on 10 great concealed carry handguns. I have changed the article quite a bit and added my own thoughts and advice. Your mileage will vary when it comes to the guns on this list. For me, I carry a compact .45 ACP, the XD Mod.2 and some of the […]

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Reliability of a Defensive Firearm

The absolute #1 requirement concerning a defensive handgun is – It must be 100% reliable. In a defensive situation, you need the handgun to function when you need it to function RIGHT HERE & RIGHT NOW! You don’t know when that’s going to be – You don’t know how long you’ll need it to work […]

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