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The Last Few Years, A LOT of My Classes Have Been Over 45% Women! Women Shooters Are On The Rise and I Am Dedicated To Provide Training To Female Firearm Enthusiasts.

Gun Safety

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At the heart of what we do as firearms enthusiasts, sportsman, and responsible citizens is - Gun Safety

Private Training

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Private training is available at a higher cost. Please see my 'Costs & Fee's' link at the top of the page. If your group (min 3 people) is interested in a private class, contact me for current rates.

Welcome to Be Safe Firearms Instruction in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I am a Multi-Certified NRA and CCW Instructor Certified with both the State of Nevada and the State of Utah. My CCW Classes EXCEED State Mandate for Content and Curriculum. I've trained over 3000 people in the last 9 years including active and retired military, law enforcement, small-business owners, doctors, young folks, senior citizens, and the everyday person like you and me.

I have many, many examples in my class including holsters for both Men and Women, Lock-Boxes, Quick-Access Safes, Less-Lethal Tools, Dry Practice Equipment, A Bullet-Resistant Vest and Much, Much More! Please see What to Expect under 'Class Documents' at the top of the page for a complete information.

My class includes certification for BOTH a Nevada Permit and Utah Permit. Both permits are good for 5 years. There are separate fees for both the Nevada Permit, and the Utah Permit. Range fees are $10 bucks. Please see Costs & Fee's under 'Class Documents' at the top of the page for a complete breakdown on charges.

Learn all the skills necessary to pass the Written Exam and the Live Fire with no problems. NO ONE has ever Failed in My Class! Learn 'The Five Lost Secrets of Defensive Handgun Shooting' and 'The Peanut Butter' Technique!

Range Training

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Current Events and CCW News

When Citizens Fight Back – Are We Training Wrong??

I subscribe to many industry periodicals and recently came across an article entitled “When Citizens Fight Back – Are We Training Wrong?” It’s about a well-known instructor and training school and what he’s seen over 25 years and thousands of students. 64 of his students (those who mentioned being in an incident) have been involved […]

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Concealed Carry Advice

Never take your safety for granted You and yours will constantly be in the presence of a loaded, lethal weapon. Kind of like driving a car. Familiarity absolutely breeds contempt. Never lower your guard or your level of care. Live in a state of relaxed awareness Situational Awareness – It’s called Condition Yellow. At any […]

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10 Great CCW Guns


  This is from an article on 10 great concealed carry handguns. I have changed the article quite a bit and added my own thoughts and advice. Your mileage will vary when it comes to the guns on this list. For me, I carry a compact .45 ACP, the XD Mod.2 and some of the […]

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