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Class Documents

I have three documents to familiarize anyone wishing to attend my CCW class. I train both new and experienced users and certify both for Nevada CFP permits. I also offer classes in basic to advanced range training including drawing from a holster, one ragged hole accuracy, and shooting and moving.

I am no longer a Utah instructor. For many years the Utah permit was desirable, but once Nevada’s reciprocity nearly equaled Utah, Utah permit’s was no longer wanted by locals.

New permits are mandatory 8 hours of training including a live fire qualification. Permit renewals only need to attend a 3 to 4 hour renewal class and then also perform the live fire qualification. Qualification information is in the orientation document.

If you’ve been through a CCW class before, you might only want to review the Orientation Document since this will give you information on the what to bring to the class, the written exam and the live fire qualification.

CCW Course Curriculum

The first document is the CCW Course Curriculum which lists everything we’ll go through in the class. My CCW curriculum EXCEEDS state mandate for content and information and my material is constantly updated. As mandated, I cover state law and also;

  • Local law including the more important points of Clark County, City of Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, etc.
  • U.S. Title Code 18 Federal law as related to firearms and concealed carry. 
  • Information on laws for other states, like transportation of firearms, and where you can’t be with a concealed weapon.
  • Where to go to get the most updated information on law, not only for Nevada, but all states.

Class Orientation

The Orientation Document has information on where my office is, preparing for the class and what to bring. It has information on the written exam and the live fire qualification, including the lines of fire, the requirements and the scoring.

What to Expect in Class
The last document is What to Expect in Class. This includes what you’ll see in class.

I always have lots of items to show and demonstrate in class including those related to gun safety, holsters for men and women, less-than-lethal tools, dry practice tools, and an extensive laserlyte laser-based dry practice system with multiple targets where we practice sight-alignment and sight-picture before even going to the range!

Rick Cross
Be Safe CCW
Mobile: 702-275-1625
Email: RickCross@BeSafeFirearms.com

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