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Costs and Fees

Independent instructors like me offer a lot more in the way of CCW and Firearm training. You pay a little more for the class, but you get a complete and thorough education. The gun stores do the best job they can and they have excellent instructors, but they are so pressed for time they don’t cover a lot of what should be covered and they can’t give individual attention.

Full class: $175 per student.
Renewal class: $125 per student
Meeting room fee included

All classes require a $25 dollar deposit. This can be paid through my PayPal link below. Your deposit is non-refundable, but it can be used for the next class should you not be able to make your original class. After two classes, you lose your deposit and would have to pay another one should you want to get in on a future class.

When you commit to a class, It takes me many hours to gather, assemble, and verify all information on current law is correct and true, and that industry information on CCW and self-defense is up to date. I eat, drink, and sleep, this stuff, and not much passes me by! If it doesn’t meet my standard of excellence, it doesn’t make the cut!


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