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Course Curriculum

What’s included –

  • Certification for a Nevada CFP/CCW Permit

  • A Certificate of Completion suitable for framing

  • A booklet with everything covered in class and some stuff that isn’t

  • A 2-pocket folder loaded with legal and shooting reference documents

  • A CD loaded with over 700MB on handguns, concealed carry and self-defense & the law

  • Three custom made laminated wallet cards, made and verified by me, on the Four Universal Rules/Five CCW Essentials, Nevada Reciprocity / Permitless Carry, and Prohibited Places of Carry in Nevada.

Below is just a sample of the different modules. Each module includes extensive information on the related subject, all of it. You will get a thorough and complete education on all subjects, I don’t skip anything even if it’s something that’s hardly ever seen or discussed, Whatever it is, you’ll know it. Do you know the term for laying your finger alongside the firearm when not shooting? How about, “What are witness holes and how do they help?” You’ll learn these in class.

CCW Module #1 – Gun Safety
The Four Universal Rules of Gun Safety +1, The three safe places for a handgun, a gun owners responsibility, backstops, storage of firearms, best safety rules for handguns, accidental and negligent discharges, the dangers of complacency, gun safes and locks, quick-access safes, and self-defense insurance.

CCW Module #2 – Handgun Familiarization
Common types of Revolvers and Semi-Automatic handguns. DAO only handguns. House gun’s, mouse guns, and ‘get off of me’ guns. Safety features of modern day handguns, magazines and clips, clearing and decocking semi-automatic handguns and revolvers. Field stripping (disassembly) of common handguns and gun cleaning, using CLP and special techniques to make cleaning a snap, “15 minutes to clean a handgun and both magazines”.

CCW Module #3 – Ammunition Knowledge & Handgun Shooting Fundamentals
Ammunition components, target and defensive ammunition types, the five lost secrets of combat handgun shooting, handgun ‘errors’ including a video on a squib load, sight alignment/sight picture. Target & defensive shooting stances, challenge stances and techniques. Semi-automatic handgun malfunctions and how to clear them. Trigger manipulation and the ‘peanut butter drill’ trigger press technique. The two most important shooting fundamentals.

In this module, we start to use the Laserlyte Dry Practice laser targeting system to practice ‘shooting’ in the classroom! I have many interactive Laserlyte targets and equipment in class that reinforces our shooting abilities before even going to the range.

CCW Module #4 – Tactics & Techniques
The color code of mental awareness and the OODA loop, situational awareness & transitional spaces, the principles of tactics, the X’s and O’s training technique. Dry practice with snap caps for realistic malfunction practice in class. Holsters for men and women, ‘belt-included’ holsters, bullet resistant equipment, care, control, and custody of a defensive firearm, GYGO, and more!

CCW Module #5 – Firearms & the Law
This module features several force/no-force and shoot/no-shoot videos where we learn key concepts in dealing with self-defensive incidents like whether, “Ability, Opportunity, and Jeopardy” are present, when to get involved and the tactical use of ourselves and our handgun during an dynamic critical incidents.

The ‘AAA’ policy and “we don’t shoot someone over property”. The principles of tactics, The five essential rules of concealed carry, and when you can use deadly force, The force continuum, less-than-lethal tools, The four elements of an attack (AOJ), stand your ground and castle doctrine in Nevada.

Nevada state law NRS codes in relation to self-defense and deadly force are completely covered. The more important laws of Las Vegas are covered and some U.S. Title Code 18 Federal law is also covered especially Federal properties. Prohibitive locations of carry, Interacting with police and traffic stops, what to do after an Incident, self-defense insurance and legal recommendations. Open carry in Clark County, No gun signs in Nevada (and which ones are legal) and much, much more!

Rick Cross
Be Safe CCW
Mobile: 702-275-1625
Email: RickCross@BeSafeFirearms.com

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