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Dry Practice

Dry Practice with a firearm is the practicing of movements and techniques needed to become proficient and efficient at the operation of the weapon including all controls and the ability to clear malfunctions. It allows you to practice the most important function in all of gun handling: Safety!

When drawing a handgun from concealment, you want it smooth, but you want it fast! You don’t want it to hang up on anything or worse, fumbling your gun as you get it out! Dry practice fixes all of the this. Dry practice allows you to hone those ‘fine motor’ skills that are not practiced during live fire.

Dry practice allows you to develop skills at home without the recoil and bang of live fire and at absolutely at no cost. As you practice more and more, the body becomes more and more familiar with your movements and it becomes easier to do the skill. Eventually without looking, you do it by feel. This is commonly referred to as “Muscle Memory.”

I’ll have many dry practice tools in class including snap caps, blue guns, the Laserlyte system with Laserlyte handgun, targets, and laser based cartridges for practicing with real guns. This will give an idea of what to buy for your own needs.

Safety is our #1 concern with Dry Practice.
The dry practice area should be it’s own space with a safe direction target in case you have a negligent discharge. No live ammo should be in your safe direction area. My safe direction area is my garage with a home made safe direction target. We will discuss safe direction targets in class.

There are very specific rules to follow before, during and after dry practicing and they are all mentioned in my class and is included in the student manual. I dry practice every day, even just a few minutes a day which adds up over time and gives me hundreds of hours of practice.

You will get this and much more information on Dry Practice in my class!

Rick Cross
Be Safe CCW
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