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How Do I Get a Permit?

Nevada is a ‘Shall Issue’ state, meaning if you take a state approved concealed carry class that includes gun safety, handgun familiarization, concealed carry laws of the state, a live fire range qualification, and pass all the requirements, you GET the permit!

Step One – Take a state certified 8-hour class on Gun Safety, Handgun Familiarization, Concealed Carry, and Nevada Laws. Perform a 30-round, live fire range qualification with a minimum score (no one has ever failed in my class).
Step Two – After my class, take the official paperwork you get from me to Metro’s CCW Bureau and apply for the concealed carry permit.
Finally – WAIT for your permit to be mailed to you by Metro, typically 120 days from the day they receive it.

The best place to get all the information on the requirements for the CFP permit is on Metro’s website at https://www.lvmpd.com Go to Police Services / Permits / Concealed Firearms

Class Cost and Metro’s Cost
Class costs are separate from Metro’s fees. You must take a state certified class before you can apply with metro, and my class is state certified.

Since the pandemic, I’ve only had one group class in two years and most people are doing classes one-on-one or with a buddy. Group classes get a discount and even with a buddy, I shave an additional $25 dollars off the tuition. The more people in class, the less the fees. Check with me if you have multiple people taking a class. Click here for my fees document.

You will see both CCW and CFP used interchangeably. Nevada’s concealed carry permit is officially known as a CFP permit, Concealed Firearms Permit as seen on the front page of the application. CCW and CFP have been used interchangeably for some time in Nevada. Most people will know of the permit as a CCW permit.

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