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Ladies CCW

The way a lady carries a gun is obviously way more different than a man. Most ladies don’t wear stiff belts or carry heavy items on their waist and what’s needed when wearing clothes that are loose fitting, for both men and women, is ‘belt included’ holsters. I can wear a pair of sweats and still conceal a compact .45

As I tell my students in class, if you see me outside my house wearing my Sponge Bob pajamas, you can bet I have a 9mm stuffed down the front of them in a Smart Carry holster!

I’ll have a number of ‘belt included’ holsters in class including the belly band, ‘pouch’ holsters, ankle holsters, and off-body carry holsters in EDC bags, Purses, Satchel and even a ‘planner’ holser! Off body carry is way more different than carrying on your person and over about three years I had to do just that, and the knowledge I gained was very valuable and

I have examples of Thigh and Torso Holsters just for the ladies including the ‘Flashbang’ or Bra holster!

The industry has noticed more and more women are taking their personal safety seriously and have started tailoring products for concealed carry just for women. Over the last number of years, women have made up as much as 50% of my classes. As a Father of three daughters and two granddaughters, I am quite pleased to see this. I have always supported and empowered the women in my life, and have trained many, many women of all ages.

Dry practice with any holster is essential to be able to get the gun out safely and in time. I show the entire class how I’ve dry practiced with one of the purses and am able to get the gun out quickly and efficiently.

Rick Cross
Be Safe CCW
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