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This work is a passion and I don’t do this for the money (I’ve never made much with it) and I’ve always received excellent reviews. I eat, drink, and sleep CCW. I’m also an excellent marksman and can pass that ability on to my students. 

Hello Rick,

Your class was Absolutely Amazing!
I got sooo much more out of your class than the last CCW class I took.

Thank you so much for everything.
I will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to take this class!!!

Sherri P. – Las Vegas, NV.

Hello Rick,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your class! The examples of concealed carry gear, and the proper way to use them was amazing! I would never have thought about a ‘break-away’ shirt or a ‘carry planner’!

You were patient with us and knew way more than I thought an individual would know about this field. You obviously follow it very closely! Thanks again and should anyone want to even consider buying a firearm for personal protection . . . I will point them your way!

Michael H.

Hi Rick,

My Wife wanted me to email you about how much she enjoyed the CCW class.
She was very skittish about attending and being around firearms but you took her under your wing and now she’s giddy with excitement! Her CCW qualification target is hanging in the garage and she wants to see it everyday!

Thanks again!

Steve H.
Las Vegas, NV.

Hello Rick,

Keith and Cindy got your email.
Thanks again we really enjoyed your class.

One thing, next time have that Thunderwear bedazzled, LOL!

Kieth K.


Yes sir, I got both of them.

I really enjoyed the class, very informative. I am new to guns in general and specifically to handguns.
I like how you made the class easy to understand and didn’t breeeze over anything.

Hi Rick,

I just wanted to follow up on the CCW Class.
Tammy and I really enjoyed the class.
You are an excellent instructor.
You did a great job and are very passionate, very dedicated to gun safety. We learned a lot.

Thanks for everything!

Doug S.

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