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Revolvers are some of the most powerful, most accurate, and most reliable handguns on the market today and throughout history.

Many are highly collectable and are art pieces in their own right. I own several revolvers and carry a Smith & Wesson 642 .38 Special +P as a backup.

I’ve had the distinct honor of shooting a vintage Smith & Wesson Model 29, 44 Magnum “Dirty Harry” Revolver with the long barrel…8 and 3/8 inches. Did great with the gun and even shot it many times one-handed with the iconic term, “Go Ahead, Make My Day!”

Advantages of Revolvers –

  • They don’t suffer the major malfunctions that semi-automatics can have. If the gun doesn’t fire, keep pressing the trigger, it usually will!
  • The revolver is simple, just about any two handed grip will work, even placing your support thumb behind the hammer while shooting. Don’t do that with a semi-automatic!
  • Revolvers are not sensitive to different types of ammunition. What won’t feed in a
    semi-automatic will usually work just fine in a revolver.
  • Revolvers can be much more accurate. They have a barrel that doesn’t move when you shoot it.

Limitations of Revolvers

  • Revolvers have less ammunition capacity.
  • Revolvers can be bulky.
  • Reloading a revolver can be cumbersome and time consuming.
  • There is one very specific technique that if not followed during a life threatening incident, will HANG you in court!

From a Defensive Standpoint

  • A revolver laying on a flat surface might be easier to pick up than a semi-automatic.
  • Revolvers can be pressed up against the body of an assailant and fired continuously. You can’t do that with semi-automatics, they will go out-of-battery and stop firing.
  • Revolvers can be fired while inside clothing, your coat, an EDC, etc. There is the good possibility you might set your clothes on fire but if my life were at stake, that’s really the least of my worries until other business is taken care of.
  • Revolvers can intimidate by the simple display of the rounds in the un-fired cylinders.

Revolvers fire some of the most powerful rounds for just about any handgun. When it comes to the .357 or the .44 Magnum, the revolver is king! If you really want power… the .454 Casull and the Smith & Wesson .500 will rock your boat!
They even have a .600 Nitro Express handgun…Whoa…

BUG’s – Back Up Guns
Today’s small, powerful revolvers are an excellent choice as a BUGs – Back Up Gun‘s. They are also called ‘get off me guns’ due to someone being right on top of you when you have to fire.

Small revolvers easily fit in a pocket or ankle holster and are easily carried and concealed. Sticky holsters are great for quick IWB carry.

Rick Cross
Be Safe CCW
Mobile: 702-275-1625
Email: RickCross@BeSafeFirearms.com

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