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Why Get a Permit?

The ABSOLUTE #1 reason is the personal safety of you and your family!

When I considered getting a permit so long ago, I remember reading the story of Timothy McVeigh. He and Terry Nichols were assembling the bomb they used in the Oklahoma City bombing in a parking lot of a nearby lake when they were startled by a grandfather and grandson launching a boat to go fishing.

Timothy McVeigh said if either one of them had come over to the truck to say hi or befriend them, he would have executed both of them on the spot!!!
My thoughts while reading it were, “NOT ON MY WATCH!”
That weekend I was in my first ever concealed carry class. The cost back then was $250 dollars just for the class!

The other ‘Essential Reasons’ to Get a Permit –

Non-Lethal Defense – The #1 NON-LETHAL self-defense tool you have is your handgun! Many lethal-force incidents are dissolved by simply bringing the gun out to protect yourself!

Legality – YOU are more legal to have any firearm in your presence, vehicle, etc., when you have a CCW permit.
Police officers know you’ve been through a gun safety / CCW class and know how to safely handled a firearm, and that you passed the background checks and your not a criminal!
With certain jurisdictions in Clark County if you have a gun in your vehicle, you can nearly get arrested! Happened to one of my students. A permit stops this!

$25 Background Check Fee – With a CCW permit, YOU are NOT charged the $25 background check when you buy a gun from any gun store, sporting goods store, etc.

Reciprocity – With just a Nevada CCW permit, you can carry concealed in 32 additional states.
One of the wallet cards you get in class (created and laminated by me) will show you which states you can carry in.

Option – It gives you the option of carrying concealed. Without a permit, you can’t do that.
It gives you the OPTION of taking action in self-defense . . . Robbery at a store your at? With a concealed handgun, the bad guy doesn’t see it and you have the option of pulling it to save your life or that of other people. Without a concealed handgun to protect you, YOU DON’T HAVE THAT OPTION! You are at the mercy of the assailant!

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